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I am a Norwegian illustrator working hard in the hopes to make it in the illustration industry.
I love Fantasy and Sci-Fi art, Childrens art, Editorial art, Merchandising and many other genres,
and I want to experience as much of the illustration world and life as I possibly can.

contact info:

I am also a biiig nerd or geek or whatever you want to call it. I love tabletop RPG’s,
computer games and fantasy literature. I fancy myself a writer and one day my dream is to
publish a book within the fantasy genre together with my wonderful husband!

I am also applying for the University of Oslo this year, hoping to get a second bachelor degree in
Media Science and Art History (my first degree was a bachelor in illustration if you were wondering)

I’m also really into video making and social media and recently I started hosting an online Drink and draw group with
some of my friends who also work with art and illustration.  We will be making videos for your enjoyment in the near foreseeable future so stay tuned!