The CosCast – A Cosplay Talk Show

by anitaillustrated

The CosCast banner

A lot has happened since I posted on this blog the last time, and one of those things is that I have started to host a cosplay talk show over on YouTube together with two other very talented cosplayers. Every Sunday during spring and fall we host a live streamed show about cosplay news, recaps and reviews of events in the community, discussions and recommendations of shows, books, comics, games, you name it.

You can see one of out most recent episodes here! It’s a Leatherworking special with The Friendly Viking Cosplay!

The CosCast girls web size

We have also begun producing convention vlogs, show and tell videos, recommendations, tutorials and much much more.

cosplay transformation snow white

It would be super awesome and mean a lot to me if you guys would pop by our youtube channel and facebook page to subscribe or give us a like.

In the mean time, stay creative and have fun!
Anita K. Olsen