Tattoo Designs!

by anitaillustrated

I resently did some tattoo designs for some clients. One of them is a friend of mine and the other was a man who had recently lost his wife. They both wanted tattoos of white feathers.
Their reasons and ideas were quite different so the tattoos turned out quite different as well.

Below is the tattoo for my friend. She wanted a soft white feather with blue tones in it. The tattoo was supposed to remind her to breathe and relax every once in a while:

Feather tattoo design 1

The second design I did was a bit bigger and a bit more complicated. My client wanted three tattoos that would symbolize three of the family members he had lost. And he also wante the text “I may not see you, but I can feel you” incorporated into the tattoo. So it was a memorial tattoo.

Three feathers tattoo design

I really enjoy working on tattoo designs. Knowing that what I am making is going to mean something special to someone, and that they are going to wear it on their skin for the rest of their lives is very flattering. It’s also a great responsibility. As an artist I have a great responsibility towards the client, they have to feel good about the tattoo and trust me and what I’m doing for them.

Until next time
Anita K. Olsen