Hanako of the Toilets

by anitaillustrated

A small quick illustration I did last night. I posted on facebook that I would draw the first monster someone would tweet me.
The first one to Tweet me was my friend NGHSunniva from Norwegian Ghost Hunters. She suggested I draw Hanako of the toilet.
A japanese ghost of urban legend.

“If you go to the third stall in the girls bathroom on the fourth floor and knock three times before asking ‘Are you there, Hanako-san”, a voice will answer “I’m here”. If you enter the stall you’ll find a small girl in a red skirt, waiting for you.

Hanako-san is a popular and widespread urban legend, often played by school children as a rite of courage, or a method of hazing for new students, similar to the Bloody Mary urban legend in Western schools.

Hanako-san has been noted to have various origins and behaviors, depending on the area or school, and is a widespread legend across Japan. Her appearance can also be different, but is usually that of a young girl with bobbed hair and a red skirt. She can be either mischievous, malevolent or benign.

Yamagata prefecture: After Hanako-san has answered and you enter the stall, you’ll find a three headed lizard who had mimicked a girl’s voice; it will then eat you.

Iwate prefecture: After you have called Hanako-san, a large white hand emerges from the door.

Kanagawa: After you have called her, a blood stained hand will appear.

‘Hanako’ was a common and typical girl’s name in the Japanese 1950s when the legend supposedly began.”


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