by anitaillustrated

Hello and welcome to my new blog here on WordPress.com. I have been blogging about illustration and my life as an illustrator and a nerd for quite some time now using otther blog providers, but I though that it was  time to try WordPress as well.

My name is Anita K. Olsen, I am an illustrator working from a tiny little office space in a tiny little apartment that I share with my beloved fiancée Ole. We don’t have any pets, but would love to have a little kitten. I work mainly in the fields of Fantasy and Children’s illustrations, but I am not afraid to try new things and expand my repertoire.


I believe in sharing and therefore I choose to share my experiences and any tips and tricks I find in books, or on the world wide web. I share my art on my blogs and also there will be some nice juicy randomness baked into the golden pie crust that is me and and my written word.

Hope you will enjoy the future ramblings and illustrations I will be sharing with you

Until next time
Anita K. Olsen